How long does the Social Security disability application and appeal process take?

Patience is required to pursue your Florida Social Security disability claim through a hearing, which is the appeal level with the highest success rate:

1. Initial applications. Nationally, Social Security disability applicants wait on average 120 days to receive an answer. 35% are awarded benefits at this level. Out of those applicants rejected, 52% will abandon their claims and 48% will appeal.

2. Reconsideration. Claimants who appeal to the first level will wait a national average of 90 days to receive a decision. 15% of these appeals are granted. Of those denied, 30% will give up and 70% will appeal.

3. Hearing. This is the level where the odds favor you, especially if you have good representation. Nationally, claimants will wait 15.5 months for a hearing and decision, but 55% will receive good news. Of those who don’t, 55% will quit and 45% will appeal.

4. Appeals Council. 220 more days are required. 2% of claimants will be granted benefits. Of the rest, 75% will give up.

5. Federal court. Another 540 days of waiting are required for a federal court decision. Half of those claimants who appeal to this level will receive benefits or be sent back to a lower court level.

The lesson you should take away from this list of national averages is to take your Social Security disability claim through the first three levels –- application, reconsideration, and hearing.

I can help you through all three levels.